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15 hours
I got my first results after a month. Body feels more flexible, light and feminine. I'm starting 60 mins classes now. Good luck and thank you, developers. Keep up with new workouts!

Audrey Clark

120 hours
I'm really grateful to developers. These yoga videos REALLY helped me to survive through a very hectic time in my life. THANK YOU!

Natalie Hopps

25 hours
I'm a single mum and I always carry my baby with me. Had lots of back pains recently. But since I've started with half an hour classes – it gets much better with every single training. Looking foward for new videos!


48 hours
I practice 3 times a week for 4 months. What can I say? It feels awesome! I will definitely continue. Cheers!


101 hours
Please make a special 15 minutes video for chest.


37 hours
High class yoga videos, best I could find online.


33 hours
Good results just in 3 months of practice. Will keep up with yoga. Thanks :)


55 hours
Awesome app! Highly appreciated brief instructions allow to deepen self-practice, and nice tunes with birds. Thanks guys, keep on doing your thing.


40 hours
thanks for the videos! after 2 moths of regular practice, pain in the legs was gone, and I felt improvement in flexibility. ready to keep on going with videos.


150 hours
Best yoga videos from all I've tried before!!! One year of practice with this app. Good exercises, relaxing voice, nice girl as a role model. Thanks!!!

Karin Black

15 hours
I've started doing yoga for about 6 weeks ago. I like your videos, but in most of them you should do some poses with a big toe grab, that I can't handle. Rest of the postures are ok, but those with a foot grab is a struggle. It would be nice if you could recommend some exercise to train to get imporvement with my issue.

Helen Kohen

100 hours
Practicing with app for almost a year. Yoga wakes me up better than a morning coffee, brings a in positive mood and body is way much more toned now. Thanks for great videos and looking forward to new ones for advanced practicioners.

Kelly J

100 hours
Thanks a lot for the app. Doing yoga at office during my lunch. So convenient to have 15 and 30 mins videos, love calming voice and positve vibes.


1 hour
Haven't been doing yoga for more than a year, and after first class in a while felt myself like a Pinocchio, so was looking for the app to get back into practice and fight body's stiffnes. Thanks a for the videos, hope to get back in shape soon.


100 hours
I'm doing yoga for 5 months with your app and don't plan to change my teacher. All the videos are very professional with relaxing music, nice voice, short and clear instructions and lovely girl showing asanas. Nice forest on the back, but after a while I don't really pay attention to background anynore, more listen to the instructions. After 5 months of regular yoga – body changed a lot, blood presure problems are gone, got more flexible than beforen and feel myself much better in general. Same effect is with mental state, so now every time feel depressed just turn on one the videos and practice. Thank you so so much!


1 hour
1 year of weight loss videos, 30 mins a day. Life is good since then! Stay safe, pals!

Mrs. Jackson

50 hours
Practicing online since 2016. Really enjoy the app, and share it with my friends. Peace!


1 hour
Best yoga app ever! Thanks for sharing positive vibes!

William Wj

5 hours
Yoga helps me to cope with back pains. Good exercises. Thanks!


47 hours
Great changes in app, so great to check statistics and results. Thanks a lot for improvement, waiting for some new and better updates.

Natalie Blant

95 hours
Hello, yoga team! Doing yoga in app for more than 7 months. Started with simple 15 minutes sequences, to be more concrete with 1 specific video, but now can't imagine my life without 30 minutes of yoga a day. Amazing results – body got more flexible and had more new sensations, really love the effect.

Libi Npang

50 hours
Thanks a lot for your job – videos are easy and fun. After 4 months I've started practicing almost every day. Can't really live without yoga now as body wants some strecth and twist every morning.

Anna Rivkin

3 hours
Best yoga app for Iphone

Kelly Hewpard

1 hour
Started to cope with my lower back pains, so its was a necessity. Before that thought that yoga is the most boring thing in the world, but had to change my mind. Some of YogaDay videos are challenging and not boring at all. Pais are gone now, but I'm practicing. Much love!


10 hours
Thanks a lot for the developers. Tried lots of apps before but didn't get enough motivation to continue practing. With YogaDay – it is different. Lovely videos, relaxing voice and very clear.